How to Change Web Server Mode using zmtlsctl on Zimbra

This article shows the steps to change web server mode using zmtlsctl command line interface (CLI). It was tested using Zimbra 8.0.2 on CentOS 6.3 64 bit. zmtlsctl is a command that used to set the Web server zimbraMailMode to the different communication protocol options. It use to redirect and deny any web server mode based on what we have configured. All modes use SSL encryption for back-end administrative traffic and the admin console. In order to take an effect, the webserver has to be stopped and restarted. There are several choices of Mode.

http - http only, the user would browse to
https – https only, the user would browse to http:// is denied.
both – A user can go to http:// or https:// and will keep that mode for their entire session.
mixed – If the user goes to http:// it will switch to https:// for the login only, then will revert to http:// for normal session traffic. If they browse to https:// then they will stay https://
redirect – Like mixed if the user goes to http:// it will switch to https:// but they will stay https:// for their entire session.

How to use this command :

Syntax :
1. Type zmtlsctl [mode] and press Enter. http only, the user would browse to http://centos63.ehowstuff.local :

[zimbra@CentOS63 ~]$ zmtlsctl http
Setting ldap config zimbraMailMode http for centos63.ehowstuff.local...done.
Rewriting config files for cyrus-sasl, webxml and mailboxd...done.

2. Type zmcontrol stop and press Enter :

[zimbra@CentOS63 ~]$ zmcontrol stop

3. When everything is stopped, type zmcontrol start and press Enter :

[zimbra@CentOS63 ~]$ zmcontrol start

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