How to Get, Add, Delete, Distribution List using zmprov CLI in Zimbra

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zimbraThe zmprov tool can performs all provisioning tasks in Zimbra LDAP including creating accounts, aliases, domains, COS, distribution lists, and calendar resources.This zmprov is very powerful tool for zimbra administrator to perform daily task. Beside using command line interface (CLI), system administrator also can perform the following task from zimbra admin console. For CLI, the syntax is zmprov [cmd] [argument].

1. Login to zimbra :

[root@centos64 ~]# su - zimbra

2. How to get DistributionListmembership :

[zimbra@centos64 ~]$ zmprov gdlm ictgroup@ehowstuff.local
# distributionList ictgroup@ehowstuff.local memberCount=2


3. How to getDistributionList :

[zimbra@centos64 ~]$ zmprov gdl ictgroup@ehowstuff.local
# distributionList ictgroup@ehowstuff.local memberCount=2
mail: ictgroup@ehowstuff.local
objectClass: zimbraDistributionList
objectClass: zimbraMailRecipient
uid: ictgroup
zimbraCreateTimestamp: 20130512043842Z
zimbraId: ee8b2755-d450-42a0-bb8b-b0ab64901ca6
zimbraMailAlias: ictgroup@ehowstuff.local
zimbraMailForwardingAddress: admin@ehowstuff.local
zimbraMailForwardingAddress: user1@ehowstuff.local
zimbraMailHost: centos64.ehowstuff.local
zimbraMailStatus: enabled


4. How to createDistributionList :

[zimbra@centos64 ~]$ zmprov cdl newgroup@ehowstuff.local
[zimbra@centos64 ~]$ zmprov adlm newgroup@ehowstuff.local user1@ehowstuff.local
[zimbra@centos64 ~]$ zmprov adlm newgroup@ehowstuff.local user2@ehowstuff.local
[zimbra@centos64 ~]$ zmprov gdlm newgroup@ehowstuff.local
# distributionList newgroup@ehowstuff.local memberCount=2


5. How to removeDistributionListMember :

[zimbra@centos64 ~]$ zmprov rdlm newgroup@ehowstuff.local user2@ehowstuff.local

6. How to getAlldistributionLists :

[zimbra@centos64 ~]$ zmprov gadl
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