How to Install ADWLauncher and ADWLauncher EX on Android

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ADW.Launcher, is a Opensource home replacement application. Meanwhile the ADWLauncher EX is a highly customizable home replacement application that require you to buy it before use. It’s beyond tweaking your android desktop.

What is a home replacement application?
Is an normal android application that will run when you press your android phone’s HOME key. It’s usually what people know as the “android desktop”.

To download from Android Market, Please try below steps:
1. Open Android Market on Your phone and go to “Search”
2. Type “ADWLauncher EX” in the search field and hit “Search”
3. Once you find the “ADWLauncher EX” game, choose “Install” and follow the instructions

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ADWLauncher EX VS ADW.Launcher

ADWLauncher EX is based on the ADW.Launcher opensource core with a lot of new enhancements features as below:
a) 5 different app drawer styles/behaviors

  • 3D Nexus One like application drawer
  • 2 different plain vertical drawer styles, the “old one” and a new fast and smooth one
  • 2 different Iphone-like horizontal application drawers, a traditional paginated one and a new one with continuous fling

b) Different desktop transitions: new animations while navigating through your desktop screens. Try them all, they’re crazy!!!
c) New Icons configurations/look and feel: Tweak your desktop icons, change its sizes, add coloured backgrounds, change font size, color, etc!
d) New fast presets mode: Quickly change the whole desktop configuration by 1 click!
e) Editable desktop icons for applications, shortcuts and folders!
f) A lots of code improvements

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To try ADWLauncher EX, you can download from below mirrors:

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