Linux 3.5 approaches with RC7

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Over the weekend, Linus Torvalds reluctantly published a seventh release candidate (RC7) for the 3.5 Linux kernel. In the LKML announcement email, the Linux creator says that he originally thought another RC would not necessarily be required; however, a large number of small pull requests submitted by developers late last week necessitated an additional RC for testing, leading Torvalds to tell the developers, “Not cool, guys. Not cool.”

These changes include media fixes, random SOC fixes and PowerPC fixes, as well as patches for the leap second bug that caused Linux systems to freeze because of permanent high CPU loads that resulted in increased power consumption and wasted electricity. “Ok, so it’s still not *huge*, but it’s bigger than -rc6 was,” said Torvalds, adding, “I had hoped for less.”

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Linus has asked the kernel developers to test the rc7 release to “make sure it’s all good”, and is hoping that he “won’t have to do an -rc8”. Barring any major problems over the coming week, Linux 3.5 will likely be released next weekend. An overview of the changes made in the 3.5 kernel can be found in The H’s Kernel Log mini-series “Coming in 3.5” which examines the various subsystem developments in the upcoming release.

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