Red Hat details next Linux and storage platforms for cloud, big data era

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rhelRed Hat is ramping up for the next generation data center by supporting Google’s Open Compute project, software-def ined networking advancements such as OpenvSwitch and OpenFlow and making steady advancements in the operating system, virtualization, storage and networking, company executives said at the summit this week.

Red Hat, for example, is optimizing its Linux, storage and virtualization software platforms to hook into Google’s Open Compute project to provide for a more agile and flexible data center, essential for cloud computing. Red Hat Enterprise Linux is ready for certification on Open Compute Hardware.

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“Red Hat Linux is the foundation to ensure hardware enablement happens,” said Red Hat CTO Brian Stevens, noting that RHEL-based nodes can become more compute and network savvvy to better participate in elastic storage services. Later this year, Red Hat plans to debut live migration features to its storage platform.

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