Red Hat Enterprise Linux Updated, Supports Hyper-V

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Red Hat’s latest 5 point release finally makes the Hyper-V connection and improves security and supports a wider variety of hardware.

Red Hat last week updated its Red Hat Enterprise Linux with improvements in security, support for more hardware, and the addition of support for Microsoft’s Hyper-V hypervisor. RHEL 5.9 also expands hypervisor support to include Microsoft’s Hyper-V.

According to information posted on the Red Hat site, RHEL 5.9 has made significant improvements in regards to security controls and the addition of support for newer government password policies.

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RHEL 5.9 also adds support for Hyper-V in the form of Hyper-V drivers, so that it can run as a guest OS in paravirtualized and fully virtualized deployments. The company also claims the additional support improves performance. RHEL also supports VMware vSphere 5.

Other new features include support for OpenJDK 7, SystemTap improvements, compile-server and client support for IPv6.

RHEL 5.9 isn’t the latest version. There’s also a version 6 that was released in 2010, which uses a kernel-based virtual machine as its hypervisor. It was last updated to version 6.3 in mid-2012.

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