How to Install and Configure Port Forwarding Using Rinetd in Windows

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Rinetd purpose is to redirects the TCP connections from one IP address and port to another. Since rinetd runs as a single process using nonblocking I/O, it is able to redirect a large number of connections without a severe impact on the machine. This article will shows how you can do port-forwarding with rinetd on Windows operating system such as windows xp, windows server 2008 server, windows server 2003 and etc. Please follow below steps:

1. Download rinetd

2. Configure rinetd.conf as per below

Please create rinetd.conf and put it in C:\rinetd folder, together with rinetd.exe 80 80

You will redirect ip with port 80 to with port80

    C:\>cd rinetd
     Volume in drive C is OS
     Volume Serial Number is 9314-A45E
     Directory of C:\rinetd
    03/15/2011  10:37 PM              .
    03/15/2011  10:37 PM              ..
    04/13/2003  01:29 PM             2,043 CHANGES
    02/17/1999  06:34 PM            22,320 getopt.c
    02/17/1999  06:15 PM             4,551 getopt.h
    04/13/2003  01:28 PM             8,484 index.html
    03/01/1999  10:41 AM               166 Makefile
    03/01/1999  10:39 AM             3,612 match.c
    08/07/1998  11:54 AM               188 match.h
    04/13/2003  01:27 PM               770 README
    03/15/2011  10:29 PM                97 rinetd-run.bat
    03/01/1999  10:42 AM             6,936 rinetd.8
    04/13/2003  01:26 PM            35,445 rinetd.c
    03/15/2011  09:26 PM                29 rinetd.conf
    02/17/1999  10:12 PM             3,555 rinetd.dsp
    02/17/1999  06:00 PM               535 rinetd.dsw
    04/13/2003  01:33 PM           290,893 rinetd.exe
    03/15/2011  09:56 PM             1,975 rinetd.ini
    02/17/1999  10:12 PM            74,752 rinetd.ncb
    02/17/1999  10:12 PM            48,640 rinetd.opt
    02/17/1999  06:49 PM             2,173 rinetd.plg
    03/15/2011  09:06 PM           114,688 ServiceEx.exe
                  20 File(s)        621,852 bytes
                   2 Dir(s)     463,695,872 bytes free

3. Run rinetd (manually).

    C:\rinetd>rinetd.exe -c rinetd.conf

We can also create a batch file, and call rinetd-run.bat to start rinetd with a click:

    @echo off
    cd c:\rinetd\rinetd
    start c:\rinetd\rinetd.exe -c c:\rinetd\rinetd.conf

4. Download ServiceEx, a windows application that allows a normal program to run as a Windows service.

5. Configure ServiceEx to make rinetd a windows service.

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Refer and download

Modify the changes on ServiceEx.ini.sample and save as rinetd.ini

    ; Instructions for installing a service:
    ;  1.  Edit this file.  You need to fill in the values for ServiceExeFullPath, options,
    ;      desktop, Start and StartNow below.
    ;  2.  Decide on a name for the service.
    ;  3.  Save this file as that name, with an .ini extension added.  For example, if you will name
    ;      the service "NotepadService", you would save this file with the name NotepadService.ini
    ;      in the same directory where ServiceEx.exe is located.
    ;  4.  In Windows, select Start/Run then enter "cmd", without the quotes, in the prompt.
    ;  5.  Chdir to the directory where you have placed ServiceEx.exe
    ;  6.  Type "ServiceEx install ".  If all goes well your service will be installed (and running,
    ;      if you so specified).
    ; Once you have run ServiceEx successfully, if you want to change the values in this file, you should do the following:
    ; 1.  Stop the service (i.e. run "net stop  at the command line)
    ; 2.  Remove the service (i.e. run "ServiceEx remove )
    ; 3.  Edit and save this file as desired.  This file must be named the same as the service name with an .ini extension added.
    ; 4.  Install the newly configured service (i.e. run "ServiceEx install ).
    ; Unless you change the executable file, it is better to use the service manager to modify these values.
    ; Please visit for information on how to do that.
    ; full path to exe to be run as a service--use quotes if path contains spaces
    ; The section identifier below is REQUIRED
    ServiceExeFullPath = "c:\rinetd\rinetd.exe"
    ; program arguments to be sent to executable
    options = -c c:\rinetd\rinetd.conf
    ; can program interact with desktop [true | false] (default: true)
    desktop = true
    ; start type (valid values: Auto Manual Disabled) (default: auto)
    ; start the service upon installation [true | false] (default: no)

If you open rinetd.ini, you will notice this changes

    ServiceExeFullPath = "c:\rinetd\rinetd.exe"
    ; program arguments to be sent to executable
    options = -c c:\rinetd\rinetd.conf

6. Run rinetd as a windows service

    ServiceEx install rinetd

You can start and stop it using command line utilities.

      To start: "net start rinetd"
      To stop: "net stop rinetd"

If you browse, it will show you website.

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